A Glimpse at Russel Miller

At a request from Jimbo Mason, here’s a brief look at the replacement kid on Vic and Sade. In the real world, Bill Idelsen went into the Navy for World War 2. A replacement boy was needed to keep equilibrium in the Gook home.

With that all said, here’s a paragraph I wrote for Jimbo, and I’m sure that he’ll put it to good use on his own site, The Crazy World of Vic and Sade.

In my journey to listen to all the Vic and Sade episodes I found out that Bill Idelsen would leave the show for a tour of duty in the Navy. I anticipated the replacement character, Russell, with hopes that he would be everything Rush was. Put simply, Russell is no Rush, but that doesn’t make him any lesser, just different. I liked the fact that the actor who played him was closer in age to the perennially 14 year old Rush. The thing that rubbed me a little the wrong way is that he could be more demanding when he didn’t get attention, which was annoying to me. Over all though, during the time Russell took over as th e boy in the Gook home, I got attached to his character, and was sad to see they didn’t keep him around after Rush returned.

Thhanks for giving me the topic Jim.


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