Daily Dose of Adventure

After some searching for some programs to round things out, a daily schedule of adventure shows are now on the podcast. Based on the original Superman to carry the load on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, there are two others to fill up the week. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century has been put on Tuesdays, and Flash Gordon will cover the Thursday slot. Both of these are short in time, only 15 minutes, and short in the shows that are available. Still, I have enough to run for several weeks.

I found at least one show that seems to be a duplicate, with two dates for it. I’ll try not to run it twice, but I may forget. There are also an occasional gap in the run of Flash Gordon, and Buck Rogers. The original run of Flash Gordon in the comic books actually had Flash and Dale returning to earth, but the radio series has them getting married… or is that the other way around? Whichever way it goes, the radio series ends up with a transition to another comic serial, Congo Kurt. If I can find any of those, and I just might be able to, I may transition into that series as well. No garantees.

At any rate, as the shorter run shows come to the end of my resources, I’ll have things to swap in their place. It will be an interesting thing to see how it plays out. I’ve had a request for the Green Hornet series. At the moment, I have only a couple of those, so by the time the need arises, it will give me time to track down a season or two of the Grand Nephew of the Lone Ranger (that means Green Hornet for those of you who are less informed).

I’m always open for requests, so hop on the forum and reply to the post, or drop Keith a line in the usual ways. Either use the contact page to send an email, or by commenting on the show notes. All that’s required to comment is to register, and all that requires is submitting your name and email address. It’s such a small price to pay to prove to me that you’re a human, and not a spammer.

Note: Since posting this originally on my old forum, several things have changed, and come about. Check out my Adventure channnel to see how things have all worked out through the months.


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