Sade’s Interuptions

As a project for Jimbo Mason to answer the question, “What would a letter from Sade to her sister, Bess look like?” I wrote the following back to him. We always hear what Bess writes to Sade, but never any word from Sade herself. Be sure to check out Jimbo’s page at:

Dear Sister and all,

we are all well. I thought I’d sit and write since I can’t get anything done today. There’ve been so many interuptions. Just millions of them. No sooner do I start something, but somebody breaks through the door and hollers. Is that what they do in everybody’s neighborhood?

First it was the brick mush man. He just stomps up to the door like a horse, pokes his head right in and starts shouting if I need any brick mush today. There must’ve ben 97 millions. They didn’t stop. Next it was Mr Gumpox to tell me he brought back my trash bin, then the apprentice gas meter reader. He just stomped right up like a horse, opened up the door, and hollered. Didn’t even say hi. He just yelled out he was here to read the meter, and stormed right in. I thought I might get some peace and quiet after that, but all of a sudden, in comes in the gas meter man. He comes right up topoke his head in and yells to see what’s keeping his apprentice so long. Does this happen in every neighborhood?

Just then uncle Fletcher picked one of his times to visit and talk about Kentucky state politics or some of his important ideas. 79 millions of them I tell you, Bess. 79 millions of people just coming and going. Next thing I know Fletcher was going on about peanut machines to the meter man, and I don’t know what all. Oh ish! Does this happen in everybody’s neighborhood?

Well, I need to finish. I can see Vic coming home, and the big caveman will just be helpless as a rabbit if I don’t get supper ready in time.

love to all, sade.