New Memberships are Now Available Join Today

New Memberships are Now Available Join Today

Here’s the quickest way to get started, and with the least obligation on fans of the podcast, just go to the main page of the Retro Radio Podcast.
Click the piggy bank icon that looks like this: .

Piggy bank with a coin going in. Bonus 30 day membership for $5.payment

This piggy bank doesn’t work, so for more options see: Register.

If you’re already a member, then you’re still in. Thanks for being there for me already. If you like, you can choose one of the paid options on the register page, but you don’t have to upgrade unless you want.

Why am I doing this, charging money for a membership? Believe me, it’s not to make money. I really don’t want to put a price tag on what I do with the podcast, and web site. I’d still do it, even if nobody found the site. It’s fun and it keeps me busy. Writing the episode articles is a labor of love, and offering an archive of some of the shows I have is just a fun way to distribute this nearly forgotten form of entertainment to a future generation.

I believe that podcasting is the way to go, especially when accompanied with the notes I write up. Anybody can stumble on an archive of a particular show, but more often than not, all you get is a long list of dates, and titles that don’t describe the action in the show very well. You might as well just flip through a library card catelog. Boring. Sure, there are better, and more complete archives of radio logs out there, with the sentence or two long synopsis of what appeared in the limited space of the original newspaper, or radio guides. There are better reference resources if you want to know all the actors, engineers, writers an producers of a show. All I do is listen to the show, jot down a few tidbits to do a mini book report on what happened in the episode, and occasionally add in a few extra observations and notes. I’m definitely not the best writer around, and you’re sure to find plenty of typos, misspelled names, and grammar that needs work.

My real goal is to help the visitor find something interesting, and be tempted to be drawn in enough to get hooked on listening to the episode.

Back to my question. Why am I making people pay for a membership? It’s all about putting a throttle on malicious robot web crawlers.

On any given day I would have over a dozen new member sign ups, and sometimes 3 or 4 times that. A great deal were being filtered by email spam filters, and a lot of the rest were using a bogus email account. The result was me getting a lot of bounced back emails, a bloated database of fake users, and spam comments that I kept having to delete. I was putting in nearly half a working day just dealing with it.

I want people to sign up. I want people to be members. I want people to be active in leaving comments for me. Notice the glaring lack of the words “robot”, or “spam ads” in those statements? Unfortunately the spammers are in it to direct traffic to sell their junky products, and it leaves real people holding the bag if they want to participate. The only robots I even want anywhere around is my Retrobot show hosts.

I like this project, and building the web site that helps to deliver it. It would be nice to keep it clean, family friendly, and easy to use.

With all that said, I hope people will understand. By placing even a small dollar value on the membership, it hangs at least a little value on what I do. It offers a minimal amount to show that a real person agrees that there’s value in these old shows, and tidbits of pop culture and history of a time gone by.

Honestly, if you think I’m wrong, and think I shouldn’t be charging any money, drop me a line. You can find all my contact info on my contact page. I’ll gladly let you in, as long as you’re a human. I’d gladly refund your money if you don’t feel that the membership is worth it. However, due to the way Paypal makes their money, I’ll refund you back, less the charges they take out.

If you think it’s a great deal, then wonderful. You know what to do. You can also contact me to let me know what added features you’d like to see in a member area. If you have some files, pictures, ideas for growing the site, I definitely want to hear from you.

I hope that explains it all, but if it didn’t, feel free to leave a comment.


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