Horlicks Update Lum and Abner’s Old Sponsor is Still Around

what is this Horlicks stuff that sponsored the Lum and Abner show? The commercials always make it sound like the miracle food stuff of the ages. It makes sick babies well, It makes fat people thin, thin people fat, it gives you energy, and it helps you sleep. How can it do all that?

Believe it or not, Horlicks is still around, although not marketed to the American public. It is used in industrial food use. When you see food that claims to be malt flavored, or a shake machine with the name Horlicks stamped on it, you’re probably consuming the very same kind of Horlicks. You just can’t buy it over the counter.

In Brittain, and various countries around the world who either are, or had recently been part of the colonies of the UK, Horlicks can still be bought over the counter in it’s powdered form. No, it’s not touted as a miracle food, just a dietary aid sort of like what Slim Fast is. The powder is mixed with milk, and is supposed to help provide nutrition, an dbe filling, yet not add in excessive calories. Though it was originally developed as a baby food, and for those recovering from illness, the Horlicks company only recommends it for babies who are old enough to be weaned, or about a year old or so. They no longer claim it to be an energy food, or one to help you sleep at night, although some people claim it can help to drink before going to bed.