The Writing Challenge, and a Peek Behind the Podcast

As an attempt to write more, beyond the scope of taking show notes, I decided to take the 30 day challenge. It’s something that the folks at do periodically to get people to break out of their shells, and write.

This first day of the challenge is an exercise in just cracking open your head, and write anything. So, here I am, rambling away. Hope you enjoy this first attempt. The twist for the day is to actually post this nonsense, and if you’re reading this then you know that I’m brave enough… or stupid enough to do that.

I don’t know where this challenge will lead, but I’ll give it my best try to be diligent with it. For now, how about a peek behind what I do on the Retro Radio Podcast.

I don’t post things every day. Is that surprising? Shows show up every day. I go in spurts, and sometimes I listen to old time radio for hours. All day, for a few days, then I don’t listen to any for a while. As I listen, especially to things I plan to use on the show, I keep a notepad handy. Actually the notepad on my laptop,, or my wireless keyboard I link to my iPhone, and then jot down names, places, activities, or themes in the show I’m listening to. I try not to take dictation on the dialog, but just enough of the ideas to give a synopses, raise questions, and hopefully hook you on wanting to listen to it for yourself.

The reason shows are popping up on a consistent basis is thanks to the ability of WordPress to time delay when a post appears. That way I can go crazy, stack up a bunch of show notes, and have some luxury to do things when they need to be done. Like doing laundry,. shopping, making a weekend trip, or the unexpected emergency, like a funeral. So far, not my own.

Gotta take a quick break. Time to take some medication. I’m not as young as I used to be, and I’m discovering what my dad used to say. “I feel as young as I always have, but my body is rebelling on me” My biggest trouble, at least for me is that not only am I blind, but my fingers are also going blind. I have an increasing problem with neuropathy, or a deadening of nerve endings, and it makes me have no feeling in my feet, and I’m losing the feeling in my fingers. My hands can cramp up, which is annoying, but it’s even more annoying when I try to type, and end up spending as much as half my time going back to correct typos. I’ve always been a pretty good touch typist, and it drives me crazy to not get it right the first time.

When I say that I’m blind, I don’t mean, “Oh I just can’t see without my glasses,” kind of blind. I mean I have zero vision. I don’t want to take time to get into it on today’s writing project, but maybe I’ll get back to it on a future installment. There’s too much to tell. Hey, my medical record on that alone is as thick as a city phone book, and about as thrilling.

Back to the podcast. I’m actually not old enough to remember all those shows when they aired. I only know about them from hearing stories from parents and grandparents, and the occasional replay on the radio, similar to how the current generations know about the Lucy Show, or Dick Van Dyke from Nick At Night or other such network showings.
When I was a kid, a few radio stations in the 1960’s or 1970’s would still play a few shows, usually as a weekend line up. Then there was an attempt in the 1970’s that tried to recreate audio dramas. It didn’t quite catch on. I don’t think it had enough appeal to younger talent, or listeners, to regenerate it. It really is an overlooked genre of media that still has a place.

Hey, whadda ya know. I went over the allotted time for this first session of babbling, so let me do some quick proofreading, and send this up the proverbial flag pole to see what happens.


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