The place it all Happens

Keeping on the theme of having a peak behind the scenes of the podcast, here’s a literary glance at where I do it all. We moved a few months ago into a big house. It’s the biggest place we’ve ever lived, and we have the fewest children to fill the space. There’s not any in fact, and this is the first time we’ve lived alone since the first baby was born all those years ago.

I’ve never had office space before, no dens, no man caves, but now I have a nice sized one. It’s larger than any room in any of our houses we’ve had in the past. A luxury to be sure, but since I usually occupy about a third of it, the rest is the repository for those boxes, and odds and ends that my wife can’t find a place for in the rest of the house.

Climb the stairs with me to my quiet place. There’s a secretaries chair right over there, at the table, roll it next to the desk and look over my sholder if you like. There’s another one up here some where, but it looks like that’s what’s holding up those boxes in the corner. Let me fire up the laptop, and cue up a random mix from my music files. I like to listen to a soft eclectic mix from jazz, swing, blues, and rock. The older the rock and roll the better, but you never know what’ll pop up, anything from John Philip Sousa, to Mozart, to the Hillbilly Boys, to Bob Seger. I told you… eclectic.

I first started the podcast while I still had my business, and I would put it together from my office, usually while waiting for a delivery, or a ride after work. Other than that, the audio editing took place at home from the recliner. While the family watched TV, I would put the earphones on, and crunch the audio, and get it uploaded. Because I podcast about old time radio, and the shows are in the public domain, I wanted to add an introduction for the sake of people who didn’t live back then. It’s an attempt to tell what the times were like, what’s great about the show and it’s characters, or to showcase the performers. To tie in this era from the past to the present, I thought it would be a nice touch to invent robot hosts.

Every good show needs a good name, so I figured that since I wasn’t alive for any of the old radio era, it wasn’t nostalgic. That would imply that I knew, or experienced these things first hand, and was remembering them. No way. I was primarily enjoying the writing, and acting, but I was clueless as to who most of these people were, and the kind of slang they used. What do you call it when you go backwards… but not necessarily to a place that you’ve ever been? Retro, as in retrograde, or retrorockets. That’s it, Retro Radio Podcast. It was only a short leap to name my hosts the Retrobots.

Now, I never planned on having the Retrobots be the only hosts. I intended to be the voice of the show, but I didn’t have a working microphone, I did, but didn’t realize it right away. Being the digital critters that they are, I didn’t know how well the public would receive my Retrobots. Listen to any movie, cartoon, or TV show that features a robot. It’s a human doing an impersonation of what they think is a robot, and often a lousy impersonation I might add. Mine were real robots. To mix things up, and cut down on the sometimes monotonous nature of a robot, I came up with more than one voice, and tried to create personalities for them. The goal was also to tie in something from the present to help a new generation of listeners enjoy the media from an older generation.

Here’s where I want to wind up this introductory word picture. Using the power of imagination, and to take my listeners back in time, to that retro time gone by, that few of us remember, the thing I needed to clinch it was a time machine. In this modern world of digits, push buttons, sliders, and the like, I needed to build a machine with honest to goodness, real live dials, knobs, and buttons. My time machine could carry along a passenger on comfortable leather seats, and once the dials on the dashboard were set for the desired destination, the soft lights twinkled as it gave a vibration of movement, and took off into a darkened tunnel of time warp. Did you have a favorite radio show? Dial it in, and pick a date from the resulting list. Don’t know , or have a preference, then dial in any date you like, and see what pops up. Still don’t know? I even had a spinner to grab something random, and we never knew where that would take us. Don’t worry though. Before the hour is up, the danger is always solved, the bad guys always get what’s coming to them, andno matter how many times that radio detective gets thumped on the head, he always ends up smart.


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