The Bad, and the Ugly of Podcasting. I want my Good

The buzzing noise in my head wasn’t going away. As my brain cells came to life and my conscious self-began to crawl out of the soft, fuzzy places in the dream world in my head, the short cycle of buzz, silence, buzz, silence, buzz, silence, began to materialize. The hope was that an early morning road crew was nearby to do some work. “What’s that sound? I asked my wife as she also began to stir around.

?it’s the sump pump?

“I was afraid you’d say that.”

“It doesn’t sound right.” she said, “I wonder if it’s working.”

“I’d say that it is, but it sounds like the float is sticking in a way so it keeps shutting off too soon.”

We got up. While Robin got dressed, I was on the way back from the morning routine in the bathroom. I walked past the room where the sump pump is located. I didn’t have to even look inside. The sound of water pouring in was enough to know this wasn’t going to be good. Fortunately, we had been anticipating this, and it seemed ready to put our idea to work.

Or the past few months we’ve been getting used to little problems in our house. One of them was that the sump had been putting off a small odor that we discovered was grease. The kind of kitchen grease that you might wash down the sink without thinking about it twice, and never caring where it went. Our living space is in the basement, including the kitchen, and though we are on the city sewer line, the kitchen sink drains into a floor drain that magically whisks away all the watery mess that we put into it. Magic. It goes to where any floor drain goes, deep into the ground where it seeps into the ground and water table.

That means by going into the ground, the water eventually seeps out through the ground under the basement floor, and in part at least making it into the sump hole.

By the time I got dressed; my wife had already poured in some detergent into the hole, and carved the layer of grease that covered the float. It was already sounding better. Still running in short cycles of buzzing and silence, but getting longer with every cycle.

An early success to start the day off right.

After breakfast, Robin had to run some errands, which meant I could spend some time in the office to get some podcasts worked on. Editing a recorded episode, posting and linking some that I uploaded last night, sending out a couple emails to some podcasting friends I know. I might even have time to do some reading and write some show notes for a few things I have planned.

With the upload from last night, I had left the laptop on, but when I looked at the uploads, there was a problem. Not all the files transferred. No big deal, I restarted the upload. “Do you want to over write the existing file?” FileZilla asked me. “Yes.” I told it as I clicked the OK button. It would give me time to edit that recording. So far so good, it gave me time to write the show notes to post with it.

All done. I checked the uploads. Hmm… It’s slow today. Annoying, but still nothing to stress about. Shot out an email, filtered the onslaught of junk from the inbox, followed a few folks on Twitter, but I really need to get those episodes out.

Is the file transfer finished yet? Nope. I’ll at least get these notes posted as drafts. Hey, where did I put those notes? Now somebody is sending me text messages. Rap! Now where did put those other media files I need to edit?


More texts? I know… I’ll just use the dictate feature to send a quick response.

“Yes (comma) that’s the best choice.”

“Yes momma bats dress boys.”

“No, no, no, that’s not what I said. How do you fix this” Let’s see… use the rotor… no, I don’t want to play games with a dictation program and spend more time having stupid conversations with my phone.

Got it deleted out, and correctly sent. How’s that upload coming along? “Error! What do you mean ‘Error’?” I scream at my laptop, as if it was somehow personally responsible for the Internet connection? I check my clock to see what time it is. Great, it has only taken 3 and a half hours to get nothing done. How can my wife fix a grumbling sump pump in ten minutes, and I blow a few hours, and all I manage to get done is… nothing. Wait a minute; the sump is still working, isn’t it? Buzz, silence. Good, and the periods of silence are getting longer, super.

Where was I? Oh yes, I suppose that I’ve got more than nothing done. I guess I did finish the edits on that file, and the show notes, but the whole job isn’t finished until the files can be found by all those podcast listeners on the Internet. The shows are already at least a day late from being on schedule.

I know what I need, a lunch break. I’ll just restart that upload first.

Ah, I feel better now. Hey, even the upload is showing progress. After firing up the podcast app on my phone, and flipping through the many open windows on my screen to cut down some of the clutter, I think I’ll check my inbox.

A new friend on Facebook. Cool.

Replacement windows. Not in the market.

We’re on a collision course with a curse from God. Religious wacko.

Top 10 Franchises. How did I end up on that list?

A child molester has recently moved into your area. What? The last person to move into my area was… me. Yikes! Gotta be junk.

Get an on line doctorate. Cool, I could be a doctor… but no.

Newsletters… more followers on Twitter… Hey, I think I just finished another chore to mark off the to do list, at least until it goes bling again. It’s progress though, and I’m claiming it.

What’s wrong with the file transfer today? The electrons aren’t just slow; they’re riding on the backs of snails.

Going through my checklist again, I find some show notes that got missed. Maybe by the time I’m done, the files will be on the server… “What? IPhone is shutting down! You stupid piece of metal, glass, and plastic! You’re plugged in for Pete’s sake! How could you…” Yes, that’s right, I frequently rant at my inanimate technological devices. At least I don’t beat them. It costs too much money to replace them on a weekly basis. OH yeah, I know what the problem is. It’s that flaky USB port on my docking station. Now the phone is happily recharging, the podcast is playing again, it’s back to that proofreading session.

This seems awfully familiar. Didn’t I already do this? It was last week when my laptop was down. Did I leave the work on my back up computer… or did I actually do something smart and put in my cloud storage? Nope, not in the back up drive… Not in the backup drive! Oh brother, I hope I did something smart then. Dropbox: not there. Google drive: Success! It has the wrong file name, but it’s the one. Progress.

Time to back up, regroup, and see where things stand. All the drafts for the episodes are done, and standing by. Files are still uploading; wow this has to be the slowest day on record for electrons. At least there’s still time to get in a little reading. Oh look, someone just followed my blog. Thank you.

Oh good lord! It’s almost dinner time! Where did the day go? At least the upload is done. I think that’ll wrap this up for me. I hope tomorrow goes better.


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