Guilty, but Safe Pleasures

I’ve been challenged to tell about a favorite meal from my childhood. I can’t think of any. Instead, I thought of a special treat. In considering what there was about that tasty treat I enjoyed, so much, I also thought of a treat that I indulged in that can be described in similar ways. Even better since my new treat isn’t fattening, has no harmful cholesterol, sodium, or any side affects to your health. I’m talking about hot, steamy, home made fudge, and the magical world of audio dramas.

Sweet, chocolate goodness, with just the right texture. The ingredients are so simple, but it requires a delicate balance of getting the production just right. For that silky, chocolate, fudge, that meanschocolate chips, marshmallow creme, and a little extra sugar, and butter. For audio drama, it means a story from a writer, and actors who bring characters to life.

The complexity for home made fudge is in getting the temperature right, and keeping it steady for the proper time. A pot that isn’t heavy enough won’t get hot enough. Cooking too cool, or too short makes it sticky and runny. Cooking to hot, or too long dries it out, or it goes to sugar, and become grainy. Audio drama that’s done well needs a delicate balance of audio engineering,sound affects, and stage production.

Both can then be left to cool, set up, cut into little bite sized pieces, and savored over time.

On the podcast, I feature the old radio dramas, comedies, and the like because they’re freely available, and there’s so many of them. There’s a secret treat behind making my sweet, hot pan of fudge. Once the job is done, you get to scrape the pan and enjoy the rich decadence of a rare treat. There’s only a small window of time to enjoy it.Let the pot cool just enough so the residual fudge won’t burn you, but is still plasticc enough to be scraped from the pot, and right into your mouth. Hot, melting in your mouth, creamy and rich. A rare moment that only comes once, and only for the cook and her kitchen helpers.

As much as I enjoy the old productions, it’s a rare treat indeed, when a new audio production source can be found. Hot and exciting, fresh and new. A rare treat that comes with frequencvy that’s too far apart, and more difficult to find.


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