Behind the scenes of a Podcast – I Got my Good

This may seem boring to most people, but it’s just a typical example of another day in my life in producing a podcast.

Previously I told about my frustrating, lost day of work in the Retro Radio Podcast office. Well not entirely lost, but a full day of wasted time when all it should’ve taken was an hour or less. Good news! I had an unexpected success today.

Poking around my night stand, I found my iPhone charging cradle. I stopped using it because it diverts the audio to external stereo speakers that didn’t come with it, therefore I don’t have any to use with it. It charges fine, but sometimes it’s nice to doze off to sleep listening to music, or a podcast. I thought I’d try hooking it up to my computer in the office to see if I could tap into the audio from the cradle.

The USB cord was the easy fix, Plug one end into the laptop docking station, and the other to the cradle. Drop on the phone, and success! It’s charging, and synchronizing with my desktop version of iTunes. The problem is that I can’t hear anything through it. All the audio is going to those nonexistent speakers.

If this next step works, I’ll end up with an extra bonus or two. Strap yourself into your seats, hold your breath, and cross your fingers. The excitement might be too much for you to take. When I found the charging cradle, I also found my missing patch cord. How’s that for amazing news? OK, you can stop holding your breath, but stay buckled in and keep those fingers crossed. I patched the audio from the cradle to an input to my little 2 track mixer, and I can actually hear the podcast I fired up to get some test audio. Well, sort of, it’s only coming in through one side of my headphone, and it’s cutting in and out in a weird way.

Let me make a little adjustment to see if I can even out the audio.

It didn’t seem to do much, but wait… while tweaking the knobs, my hand bumped the patch cord, and the audio came booming through. When I leave the plug only part way plugged in, the audio comes through. Weird, but now for the big test, mixing it to my audio editor.

After a quick test, and adjustments to balance the audio, another success. Now I can mix in audio from my phone when I need to, and I can keep the little beast charged up at the same time. Why is that so important? On the rare occasion where I get to interview somebody, I don’t have to worry whether they have Skype, or can log into an online chat. I now have the option to grab the audio right from the phone.

I know, boring stuff. It’s just another day though, behind the scenes with a podcast, and a reveal about claiming the small victories in life.


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