Alliteral: Face-off with Fibber

Facial features flabbergast me, ranging from flat to flabby. Fabulous freckles fanning across the front. Peach fuzz, or fu Manchu flatter faces. Some have furrows formed from frowning. Faces are fantastic. Without them we would be featureless. 

Wow, that was bad. Consider it took me long moments to arrive at the puny paragraph you just perused. Consider that Jim Jordan did his alliterations on the fly, ad libbing all the way. His technique? Take a breath, and let fly with the words until the air supply ran out. 
Enjoy a few samples. 

Pedigree McGeefrom Pittsburg

The prize promoter of perfect pointer pet pups of Pittsburg, PA. 

Grab the whole show where this is excerpted: Master Of Kennel. 360113

Broadcloth McGee

The big shot Beau Brommel of the Baltimore bachelors. 

Grab the show where this can be found” New Years Celebration. 351230

Carpet Tactics McGee

The common courageous captain of cavalry quick to calculate a campaign to keep cool killers from coming over and conquering our continent with crashing cannon and continually quizzing captives to collect confessions of their conniving cohorts and the keenest kid at cracking codes from the caissons of camp custer to the coast of cold Caledonia 

Grab the show where this can be found: Military Advisor For Army Maneuvers. 390131


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