Enjambment: Do You See What I See

The windows to the soul have fallen to disrepair.
The screens have gone dark, but the movie still runs.
This shouldn’t be happening. There should be despair,
streams of life won’t stop. I’m not an island of one.

Adjustments fought for, and lessons learned, where soundscapes
paint pictures, and imagination drives art.
My world is dark? you may ask, but wait
instead, a new world in my life has a start.

Out of sight, out of mind is the adage they say.
All the fat, ugly people have all gone away.
Your hous doesn’t look messy, and not even sooty ,
and may I say, you look slim, and a beauty.

I hear what I hear, and imagination takes charge
the world in my mind becomes colorful and bright.
Everything so enhanced, vivid and large.
A land where sun never sets on a day, and never night.

I wish, if I could, get my windows fixed,
but sometimes it’s a liberty. Here’s what I mean.
People who see have their vision tricked,
or they miss the wide world, eyes fixed on a screen.

If they can’t see it, they can’t believe it,
with imagination dictated by another.
Listen, imagine, in your own theater sit,
and make the scene fit your taste. Be lavish brother!

Break free from the screens in life that entertain.
Don’t fret, there’s a time to anchor your head,
but rest your eyes, and tap into your brain.
Exersize your mind, let it run unleashed.

I may not see the world as you did,
those things on the other side of my windows,
but the pictures I see inside my head
are ones that nobody else knows


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