Sonnet: Challenge of the Future

Days in the future can be hopeful, bright;
The pendulum swings, to sorrow, and dark;
Has joy gone? Fleeing away from all sight.
They say there’s no hope. Life is doubtful, stark,

The world has plenty, just have ambition;
Don’t let your future, and dreams be dashed.
Work hard, keep learning, take risks, stop wishing;
Watch for your chance, don’t burn and Crash.;

War sometimes comes, turning things to ash
Can water be walked on, only in hope.
Life too impossible, thunder clouds crash
Making great fear hold you down on the ropes

Risk is hard when storms never cease to smash;
Time has come, have faith, step out of the boat.

PS: Thanks for being patient with my excursion into waxing poetic. I barely claim to be able to write, and my skills at poetry are even worse. I need to give my brain a rest, but watch for more challenges into stretching my literary skills here on the blog. Probably largely anchored in old radio shows, but as today, I chose to make it all about the form. Hey, sonnets are hard for my poor little old brain.


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