Countdown 2016 Day4 Top 1-10 Shows

It’s the final day of the countdown. Get ready for the top 10 shows, as voted on by clicks from site visitors.


Things heat up, but the top slots win by solid margins. No recounts, or worries about being hacked by Russian influences… er… at least I don’t think so.


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Drum roll please… Here’s the ranking of the top 10 most clicked on shows of 2016.


  1. Red Skelton – Christmas Tree Story

Join the other 179 who enjoyed this. Red portrays the story of a Christmas tree through the eyes of his well known character of Junior the mean little kid. Clem Kaddidlehopper, and Deadeye have their own Christmas moments, before Junior brings home the sentimental ending.


  1. Lone Ranger – Torrero And Tarantula. 420907.

As seen by 188 others. The murderous gang of knife throwing bandits set up the masked man for murder. He helps a gang member break free of the gang, but the top bad guys get away… for now.


  1. Blair of the Mounties – The Disappearance Of Alexander Pressman. 380905.

Enjoyed by 195. Under the guise of a fishing trip, Blair of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police proves an accident is actually murder.


  1. Jack Benny – Murder In The Library. 380515.

A favorite of 214 people. Jokes abound on horses, and horse racing as the cast get ready to spoof a murder mystery. Jack and they guys fumble their way along, while Mary keeps the body count rising.


  1. Journey Into Space – The Red Planet 4of20. 541027

Enjoy this along with 228 others. Part of a series to track the mundane journey to Mars. Dangers and alarms sound when one of the space ships have a problem, and a missing crew.


  1. Gunsmoke – No Indians. 540802

A favorite of at least 250 people. Matt Dillon may have an Indian uprising on his hands. Worried settlers may find there is something fishy going on though.


  1. 21st Precinct – The Friend. ep9, 530901.

A top pick of 256 people. The uniformed police of the 21st precinct have their typically mundane battle with crime take a turn for the spectacular. A murder worthy of tabloid attention lands in their laps.


  1. Let George Do It – The Father Who Had Nothing To Say. 480913

Seen by 317. A family embarrassment needs George Valentine to clear his name, and reconcile a father and son.


  1. Suspense – Death Flies Blind. 430504

A favorite of 520. A Navy officer finds himself at the center of a mystery of murder on an airplane. Where did the crew go? Who is behind the suspense in the air, and what do they want?


  1. X Minus One – Zero Hour, Bradbury. ep26, 551123.

See why 873 others liked this one. A radio presentation of a classic moment of science fiction by Ray Bradbury. Invaders from space use kids to pave the way as they play the game with them.


Wow. What a year. Science fiction nails the top slot by a huge margin, followed by suspense, and detectives. Comedy is still represented by Jack Benny and Red Skelton. What about Blair of the Mounties? Talk about a sleeper, but a gem of a show in the vane of police, crime, and detective arenas.


I noticed some of my personal favorites far from the final race, and others lurking just under the radar. Keep on visiting, the main home page of the Retro Radio Podcast. Let’s see where your favorite shows will land next year.


Thanks for making this an awesome year. Your votes will go a long way in planning the upcoming year, and give some direction as to what shows and genres to concentrate on presenting.


Countdown 2016 Day 3 11-20 Top Shows

Thanks for returning to day three of the countdown.


Thousands of people visit the web site through the year, and the clicks count. Here’s the countdown from 20 to 11 of the most visited pages on the web site.


Be sure to visit the Welcome page, or Podcast page. Both are good launching spots to dive into the 8000 or so shows available in all sorts of genre’s.


Here’s today’s countdown.


  1. Escape – Flood On The Goodwin. ep219, 540724

Seen by 130. During the war, a fishing boat on the English Channel is commandeered by a spy after a tanker is torpedoed. The civilians on board may not live to see another day, unless they can stop the saboteur.


  1. Friars Club Roast – Jack Benny. 700121. (retro385).

Over 132 have enjoyed this show. The audio track of a TV special. Complete with my own commentary and bonus track, a panel of Jack Benny’s friends give him a friendly roasting.


  1. Escape – Judgement Day At Crippled Deer. 540624

Over 133 sought this one out. Three pioneer men, and a woman are snow bound in the Yukon. They suspect each other of doing in a missing prospector. Vigilante justice kicks in, but patience may be the better way to go.


  1. Journey Into Space – The Red Planet 13of20. 541229.

Visited by over 134 fans. A multipart series to chronicle the adventure of traveling to Mars.

Today, the astronauts explore Mars, and a strange city. Potential dangers lurk as they observe the foreign landscape.


  1. Escape – An Ordinary Man. 540603

Join the 136 fans to discover this show. A 40 year old,, ordinary man, falls in with an exotic woman, and a band of jewel thieves. The normally unnoticeable man gets the adventure of his life, on his Mediterranean cruise.


  1. The Shadow – The Gibbering Thing. 430926

Over 142 people found this story. On a trip to the woods, the Shadow investigates the mysterious gibbering creatures. Are they just monkeys? Whatever happened to aunt Sue is about to happen to Margot Lane, if the Shadow doesn’t move fast.


  1. Fibber McGee and Molly – Cleaning Closet . ep350, 430202

Discover what 144 others have. Fibber is famous for his messy closet, and today is the day he cleans it out. Molly does her chores as friends stop by, but where did Fibber put all the stuff from the closet?


  1. Let George Do It – T The Impatient RedHead. 480906

Join 153people who liked this one. A two timing, spoiled red head faces a family curse. It’s up to George Valentine to either set things right, or expose secrets.


  1. Amos and Andy – Between Life And Death. 440324

At least 157 others visited this page. Guest star is the mild mannered sounding, Victor Moore. Thinking he’s a pushover to be the fall guy in an auto accident claim, Kingfish gets Andy to help him in the insurance case. Their scheme goes too far, and backfires on them.


  1. Box 13 – – sealed instructions ep35, 490417

At least 179 enjoyed listening to this one. Sometimes contributors provide a show, and this is one of them. People surely loved it for the audio, since there isn’t more than a sentence in the show notes.


Comedy still has a toe hold with the likes of Fibber McGee, and Jack Benny. Surprisingly, Amos and Andy peg a top spot, but suspenseful drama is king for the day with Escape, and the Shadow. Hold on tight, detectives and science fiction genres aren’t out of the picture, and holding some excellent ground, as is the good old Lone Ranger.


Who knows where we’ll be for the top 10? Clearly, you will when you stay tuned for tomorrow’s final showing. Enjoy revisiting your familiar favorites, or exploring some of what you may have missed, or forgotten about. Tell a friend, and share the shows with them too.

Countdown 2016 Day 2 Top 21-30

Welcome back for day two of the 2016 countdown. We’re halfway through, and counting down from 30 to 21. Where do your favorite shows stand out of the thousands of web page clicks through the year?


Here’s today’s ranking of the most clicked on shows.


  1. Fibber McGee and Molly – Fibber Misplaces Christmas Money. ep343, 421215

Popular with 99 visitors, people found the flustered Fibber funny, as he tries to find the fortune in lost shopping money he misplaced. Filled with plenty of patriotic moments to pitch supporting the troops overseas.


  1. Escape – The Birds. ep217, 540710

Ranked at 101. The classic suspense tale. A veteran seeks a peaceful place to rest, but the desolate farm house is the home of birds who want it for themselves.


  1. Texaco Star Theater – Guest Edgar Rice Burroughs. 391018.

Although I totally forgot I had this, 103 of you didn’t. A comedy variety show featuring Kenny

Baker, Jimmy Wallington, and Francis Langford. They sing and joke their way into a spoof of Tarzan. The creator of the ape man is a good sport as they demote his creation to the Lord of the domicile.


  1. Jack Benny – Show from Palm Springs. ep864,, 531213Christmas

A favorite of 105 fans. A classic Christmas shopping show from start to finish. Mel Blanc is the frazzled clerk who has fled to the vacation resort, in hopes of getting away from his most difficult, and indecisive customer ever.


  1. Lone Ranger – Sheriffs Son. 430419.

Enjoyed by 105 site visitors. A western saga with rustlers, murder, and bandits who take advantage of the young and impressionable ranchers son. A mixture that will take the likes of the Lone Ranger to unscramble the mess, and see that justice is done.


  1. Jack Benny – In New York with Fred Allen and Kate Smith. 380327

Seen by 109 fans. An encounter of Jack Benny and Fred Allen is always a good thing. With a temporary support cast, Jack and Rochester joke about their trip to New York, and travels before Fred Allen arrives for some comic sparring.


  1. Fibber McGee and Molly – Cuts Down His Old Suit For Molly. ep346, 430105

Ranked at 114. Wanting to do his wife a well deserved favor. Fibber gives her his old suit to cut down to fit her. The trouble is that he can’t place where he got the suit, until its too late.


  1. My Favorite Husband – Young Matron League Tryouts. 481002

Enjoyed by at least 115 others. Lucille Ball is Liz, who wants to be in a play, and goes to try out for the production. Hubby George, disapproves, so she tries to hide her activity. Has George been proved right? He has begun to believe Liz is off her rocker.



  1. Dizzy Dean – Wabash Canonball. 480918. (retro322).

A favorite of 116 fans. A show that seems to be a hit every year. The multitalented Dizzy Dean sings, tells sports anecdotes, and gives sports advice to young ball players.


  1. Great Gildersleeves – Auto Accident with Judge Hooker. ep77, 430411

Viewed by 121. The always bickering Gildersleeves, and Judge Hooker have more to fight about after they have a fender bender. Marjorie tries to get them from being hurt little boys, as insurance claims and injury settlements make the jokes fly.


Comedy seems king with Jack Benny, and Fibber McGee and Molly. Westerns are hanging in there, and suspenseful dramas, but where are the detectives? The countdown continues, and there are some surprising turns in the top picks of the year. At least it’s surprising to me.


Stay tuned to see how site visitors shaped the year. Revisit the shows, and share them with a friend.

Countdown 2016 Day 1 Presenting the top 31-40 Shows

Countdown of the Top Shows of 2016

Thousands of people visit the web site through the year, and even more take the time to download the shows and enjoy them. Naturally, certain pages are landed on, such as the Welcome page, or Podcast page. Both are good launching spots to dive into the 8000 or so shows available in all sorts of genre’s. Probably twice as often Archive pages of search results are browsed while visitors find more of their favorite shows.

Here’s the ranking of most clicked on shows. The number used to determine the ranking is decided by you, the site visitor. Feel free to revisit a favorite, or discover something you missed. Click the link, and listen to the shows all over again.

40. Burns and Allen – Gracie Blackmails Jack Benny. 431102

A favorite enjoyed by 84 visitors to the site. Gracie will do anything to get her hubby, Sugar Throat Burns a singing job. When she spots Jack Benny in her beauty salon, the situation is right to blackmail their old friend to sing on his show.

39. Lux Radio Theater – Phantom of the Opra. 430913

As many as 84 visitors enjoyed this classic tale of behind the scenes spookiness at an opera house. Featuring Nelson Eddie, Basil Rathbone, and Susan Foster.

38. Red Skelton – Embarrassments. ep52, 421229

Seen by 86 fans. Embarrassment plagues Red’s zany characters, in the form of financial woes. Although Junior the mean little kid is the typical source of embarrassment for his poor mother.

37. Jack Benny – I Stand Condemned. 460324

Viewed at least 87 times. After a formal rehearsal at Jack’s house, the gang spoof this hit film about a man who lands on death row in trying to provide for his three sons.

36. Front Page Drama – Christmas Eve Ghost. 331221

Popular with 87 others. A ghost story about a spirit who returns to heal people on Christmas day.

35. Fibber McGee and Molly – Ants In The House. ep376, 431102

Join 91 others to see what Fibber is up to.. The McGees mean well, when they want to help their busy friend, Doc Gamble. Instead, they manage to make a mess of it as they help with a problem with pests.

34. Six Shooter – Shooting Of Wyatt King 540520

A favorite of at least 92 others. A bank robber claims he was shot and caught by the Six Shooter, Brit Ponsit, but Brit knows better. Why the lies, and why does it matter? Even bandits have their pride.

33. Candy Matson – The Devil In The Deep Freeze. 491110

Enjoyed by 94 visitors. Candy proves that confidential matters aren’t just for the hard boiled types. She handles the unlikely event of a body found in a deep freeze, dressed in a devil suit. Then it gets more weird when the body disappears.

32. Lights Out – Spider. 430518 (RV35 retro514)

Rated at 95. One of the spookiest of my personal picks, complete with added commentary and bonus track. Adventurers to the Amazon seek their fortunes, but jungle dangers have found them first.


Jack Benny – Snow White and the Seven Gangsters. 380424.

Viewed at least 98 times. The show with one of the longest laughs. After some confusion about Daylight Savings Time, the cast spoofs this Disney classic. Sprinkled with songs from the film, the guys are gangsters who go straight, led by the hand of a princess.

Drama, detectives, and adventure in the old West shows aren’t to be out done. As you can tell, Jack Benny, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Red Skelton, and Fibber McGee and Molly have solid showings as well. Where will it all end? Who will win the top spot, as voted on by your clicks? Stay tuned as I share over the next few days. Why not invite a friend to enjoy the top shows of 2016 as well?