Countdown 2016 Day 1 Presenting the top 31-40 Shows

Countdown of the Top Shows of 2016

Thousands of people visit the web site through the year, and even more take the time to download the shows and enjoy them. Naturally, certain pages are landed on, such as the Welcome page, or Podcast page. Both are good launching spots to dive into the 8000 or so shows available in all sorts of genre’s. Probably twice as often Archive pages of search results are browsed while visitors find more of their favorite shows.

Here’s the ranking of most clicked on shows. The number used to determine the ranking is decided by you, the site visitor. Feel free to revisit a favorite, or discover something you missed. Click the link, and listen to the shows all over again.

40. Burns and Allen – Gracie Blackmails Jack Benny. 431102

A favorite enjoyed by 84 visitors to the site. Gracie will do anything to get her hubby, Sugar Throat Burns a singing job. When she spots Jack Benny in her beauty salon, the situation is right to blackmail their old friend to sing on his show.

39. Lux Radio Theater – Phantom of the Opra. 430913

As many as 84 visitors enjoyed this classic tale of behind the scenes spookiness at an opera house. Featuring Nelson Eddie, Basil Rathbone, and Susan Foster.

38. Red Skelton – Embarrassments. ep52, 421229

Seen by 86 fans. Embarrassment plagues Red’s zany characters, in the form of financial woes. Although Junior the mean little kid is the typical source of embarrassment for his poor mother.

37. Jack Benny – I Stand Condemned. 460324

Viewed at least 87 times. After a formal rehearsal at Jack’s house, the gang spoof this hit film about a man who lands on death row in trying to provide for his three sons.

36. Front Page Drama – Christmas Eve Ghost. 331221

Popular with 87 others. A ghost story about a spirit who returns to heal people on Christmas day.

35. Fibber McGee and Molly – Ants In The House. ep376, 431102

Join 91 others to see what Fibber is up to.. The McGees mean well, when they want to help their busy friend, Doc Gamble. Instead, they manage to make a mess of it as they help with a problem with pests.

34. Six Shooter – Shooting Of Wyatt King 540520

A favorite of at least 92 others. A bank robber claims he was shot and caught by the Six Shooter, Brit Ponsit, but Brit knows better. Why the lies, and why does it matter? Even bandits have their pride.

33. Candy Matson – The Devil In The Deep Freeze. 491110

Enjoyed by 94 visitors. Candy proves that confidential matters aren’t just for the hard boiled types. She handles the unlikely event of a body found in a deep freeze, dressed in a devil suit. Then it gets more weird when the body disappears.

32. Lights Out – Spider. 430518 (RV35 retro514)

Rated at 95. One of the spookiest of my personal picks, complete with added commentary and bonus track. Adventurers to the Amazon seek their fortunes, but jungle dangers have found them first.


Jack Benny – Snow White and the Seven Gangsters. 380424.

Viewed at least 98 times. The show with one of the longest laughs. After some confusion about Daylight Savings Time, the cast spoofs this Disney classic. Sprinkled with songs from the film, the guys are gangsters who go straight, led by the hand of a princess.

Drama, detectives, and adventure in the old West shows aren’t to be out done. As you can tell, Jack Benny, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Red Skelton, and Fibber McGee and Molly have solid showings as well. Where will it all end? Who will win the top spot, as voted on by your clicks? Stay tuned as I share over the next few days. Why not invite a friend to enjoy the top shows of 2016 as well?


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