Countdown 2016 Day 2 Top 21-30

Welcome back for day two of the 2016 countdown. We’re halfway through, and counting down from 30 to 21. Where do your favorite shows stand out of the thousands of web page clicks through the year?


Here’s today’s ranking of the most clicked on shows.


  1. Fibber McGee and Molly – Fibber Misplaces Christmas Money. ep343, 421215

Popular with 99 visitors, people found the flustered Fibber funny, as he tries to find the fortune in lost shopping money he misplaced. Filled with plenty of patriotic moments to pitch supporting the troops overseas.


  1. Escape – The Birds. ep217, 540710

Ranked at 101. The classic suspense tale. A veteran seeks a peaceful place to rest, but the desolate farm house is the home of birds who want it for themselves.


  1. Texaco Star Theater – Guest Edgar Rice Burroughs. 391018.

Although I totally forgot I had this, 103 of you didn’t. A comedy variety show featuring Kenny

Baker, Jimmy Wallington, and Francis Langford. They sing and joke their way into a spoof of Tarzan. The creator of the ape man is a good sport as they demote his creation to the Lord of the domicile.


  1. Jack Benny – Show from Palm Springs. ep864,, 531213Christmas

A favorite of 105 fans. A classic Christmas shopping show from start to finish. Mel Blanc is the frazzled clerk who has fled to the vacation resort, in hopes of getting away from his most difficult, and indecisive customer ever.


  1. Lone Ranger – Sheriffs Son. 430419.

Enjoyed by 105 site visitors. A western saga with rustlers, murder, and bandits who take advantage of the young and impressionable ranchers son. A mixture that will take the likes of the Lone Ranger to unscramble the mess, and see that justice is done.


  1. Jack Benny – In New York with Fred Allen and Kate Smith. 380327

Seen by 109 fans. An encounter of Jack Benny and Fred Allen is always a good thing. With a temporary support cast, Jack and Rochester joke about their trip to New York, and travels before Fred Allen arrives for some comic sparring.


  1. Fibber McGee and Molly – Cuts Down His Old Suit For Molly. ep346, 430105

Ranked at 114. Wanting to do his wife a well deserved favor. Fibber gives her his old suit to cut down to fit her. The trouble is that he can’t place where he got the suit, until its too late.


  1. My Favorite Husband – Young Matron League Tryouts. 481002

Enjoyed by at least 115 others. Lucille Ball is Liz, who wants to be in a play, and goes to try out for the production. Hubby George, disapproves, so she tries to hide her activity. Has George been proved right? He has begun to believe Liz is off her rocker.



  1. Dizzy Dean – Wabash Canonball. 480918. (retro322).

A favorite of 116 fans. A show that seems to be a hit every year. The multitalented Dizzy Dean sings, tells sports anecdotes, and gives sports advice to young ball players.


  1. Great Gildersleeves – Auto Accident with Judge Hooker. ep77, 430411

Viewed by 121. The always bickering Gildersleeves, and Judge Hooker have more to fight about after they have a fender bender. Marjorie tries to get them from being hurt little boys, as insurance claims and injury settlements make the jokes fly.


Comedy seems king with Jack Benny, and Fibber McGee and Molly. Westerns are hanging in there, and suspenseful dramas, but where are the detectives? The countdown continues, and there are some surprising turns in the top picks of the year. At least it’s surprising to me.


Stay tuned to see how site visitors shaped the year. Revisit the shows, and share them with a friend.


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