Countdown 2016 Day 3 11-20 Top Shows

Thanks for returning to day three of the countdown.


Thousands of people visit the web site through the year, and the clicks count. Here’s the countdown from 20 to 11 of the most visited pages on the web site.


Be sure to visit the Welcome page, or Podcast page. Both are good launching spots to dive into the 8000 or so shows available in all sorts of genre’s.


Here’s today’s countdown.


  1. Escape – Flood On The Goodwin. ep219, 540724

Seen by 130. During the war, a fishing boat on the English Channel is commandeered by a spy after a tanker is torpedoed. The civilians on board may not live to see another day, unless they can stop the saboteur.


  1. Friars Club Roast – Jack Benny. 700121. (retro385).

Over 132 have enjoyed this show. The audio track of a TV special. Complete with my own commentary and bonus track, a panel of Jack Benny’s friends give him a friendly roasting.


  1. Escape – Judgement Day At Crippled Deer. 540624

Over 133 sought this one out. Three pioneer men, and a woman are snow bound in the Yukon. They suspect each other of doing in a missing prospector. Vigilante justice kicks in, but patience may be the better way to go.


  1. Journey Into Space – The Red Planet 13of20. 541229.

Visited by over 134 fans. A multipart series to chronicle the adventure of traveling to Mars.

Today, the astronauts explore Mars, and a strange city. Potential dangers lurk as they observe the foreign landscape.


  1. Escape – An Ordinary Man. 540603

Join the 136 fans to discover this show. A 40 year old,, ordinary man, falls in with an exotic woman, and a band of jewel thieves. The normally unnoticeable man gets the adventure of his life, on his Mediterranean cruise.


  1. The Shadow – The Gibbering Thing. 430926

Over 142 people found this story. On a trip to the woods, the Shadow investigates the mysterious gibbering creatures. Are they just monkeys? Whatever happened to aunt Sue is about to happen to Margot Lane, if the Shadow doesn’t move fast.


  1. Fibber McGee and Molly – Cleaning Closet . ep350, 430202

Discover what 144 others have. Fibber is famous for his messy closet, and today is the day he cleans it out. Molly does her chores as friends stop by, but where did Fibber put all the stuff from the closet?


  1. Let George Do It – T The Impatient RedHead. 480906

Join 153people who liked this one. A two timing, spoiled red head faces a family curse. It’s up to George Valentine to either set things right, or expose secrets.


  1. Amos and Andy – Between Life And Death. 440324

At least 157 others visited this page. Guest star is the mild mannered sounding, Victor Moore. Thinking he’s a pushover to be the fall guy in an auto accident claim, Kingfish gets Andy to help him in the insurance case. Their scheme goes too far, and backfires on them.


  1. Box 13 – – sealed instructions ep35, 490417

At least 179 enjoyed listening to this one. Sometimes contributors provide a show, and this is one of them. People surely loved it for the audio, since there isn’t more than a sentence in the show notes.


Comedy still has a toe hold with the likes of Fibber McGee, and Jack Benny. Surprisingly, Amos and Andy peg a top spot, but suspenseful drama is king for the day with Escape, and the Shadow. Hold on tight, detectives and science fiction genres aren’t out of the picture, and holding some excellent ground, as is the good old Lone Ranger.


Who knows where we’ll be for the top 10? Clearly, you will when you stay tuned for tomorrow’s final showing. Enjoy revisiting your familiar favorites, or exploring some of what you may have missed, or forgotten about. Tell a friend, and share the shows with them too.


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