Countdown 2016 Day4 Top 1-10 Shows

It’s the final day of the countdown. Get ready for the top 10 shows, as voted on by clicks from site visitors.


Things heat up, but the top slots win by solid margins. No recounts, or worries about being hacked by Russian influences… er… at least I don’t think so.


Check out all the new shows as they get posted on my PODCASTS page.


Drum roll please… Here’s the ranking of the top 10 most clicked on shows of 2016.


  1. Red Skelton – Christmas Tree Story

Join the other 179 who enjoyed this. Red portrays the story of a Christmas tree through the eyes of his well known character of Junior the mean little kid. Clem Kaddidlehopper, and Deadeye have their own Christmas moments, before Junior brings home the sentimental ending.


  1. Lone Ranger – Torrero And Tarantula. 420907.

As seen by 188 others. The murderous gang of knife throwing bandits set up the masked man for murder. He helps a gang member break free of the gang, but the top bad guys get away… for now.


  1. Blair of the Mounties – The Disappearance Of Alexander Pressman. 380905.

Enjoyed by 195. Under the guise of a fishing trip, Blair of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police proves an accident is actually murder.


  1. Jack Benny – Murder In The Library. 380515.

A favorite of 214 people. Jokes abound on horses, and horse racing as the cast get ready to spoof a murder mystery. Jack and they guys fumble their way along, while Mary keeps the body count rising.


  1. Journey Into Space – The Red Planet 4of20. 541027

Enjoy this along with 228 others. Part of a series to track the mundane journey to Mars. Dangers and alarms sound when one of the space ships have a problem, and a missing crew.


  1. Gunsmoke – No Indians. 540802

A favorite of at least 250 people. Matt Dillon may have an Indian uprising on his hands. Worried settlers may find there is something fishy going on though.


  1. 21st Precinct – The Friend. ep9, 530901.

A top pick of 256 people. The uniformed police of the 21st precinct have their typically mundane battle with crime take a turn for the spectacular. A murder worthy of tabloid attention lands in their laps.


  1. Let George Do It – The Father Who Had Nothing To Say. 480913

Seen by 317. A family embarrassment needs George Valentine to clear his name, and reconcile a father and son.


  1. Suspense – Death Flies Blind. 430504

A favorite of 520. A Navy officer finds himself at the center of a mystery of murder on an airplane. Where did the crew go? Who is behind the suspense in the air, and what do they want?


  1. X Minus One – Zero Hour, Bradbury. ep26, 551123.

See why 873 others liked this one. A radio presentation of a classic moment of science fiction by Ray Bradbury. Invaders from space use kids to pave the way as they play the game with them.


Wow. What a year. Science fiction nails the top slot by a huge margin, followed by suspense, and detectives. Comedy is still represented by Jack Benny and Red Skelton. What about Blair of the Mounties? Talk about a sleeper, but a gem of a show in the vane of police, crime, and detective arenas.


I noticed some of my personal favorites far from the final race, and others lurking just under the radar. Keep on visiting, the main home page of the Retro Radio Podcast. Let’s see where your favorite shows will land next year.


Thanks for making this an awesome year. Your votes will go a long way in planning the upcoming year, and give some direction as to what shows and genres to concentrate on presenting.


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