Gene Autry’s #yarn of Hope

Music carries messages both liberating and free;
Wishes as big as the sky, of love, hope and dreams.

Friends enjoy their company, marked with signs from the heavens.
A gentle light, glimmering soft as a glow worm among friends.

A yarn is spun, like a thread of grace;
A robber is caught, with a boyish face.

Unseen potential, like a diamond in coal;
Matters of trust battle uphill as they go.

A moment of weakness, a temptation, a test;
Faith’s bubble is burst, but good wins out at last.

A hidden pearl, hope has been found.
A trail of victory closes this round.

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Gene Autry – Mike Carter – First Song – Out on The Texas Plain.


no #blanket for the Student Body

Boldly going to distant planets
Are a group of young Jacks and Janet’s. ,

Life and mission on the remote world where they will serve Means going low impact. They’re only to observe.

Aliens are detected, but seem harmless and small.
Self survival is the main problem. That’s all.

Needing a break, students fall on their backs
I’ts time to picnic, nap, and relax.

Kindred in confusion, but nobody knows
When they awake, What has happened to their clothes?

Evolving, life forms grow in size and in threat.
Just how fast, and big will these critters get?

Threat to survival could affect the universe.
This can’t get better, only get worse.

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X Minus One – Student Body. 560731

Keith Heltsley

The #roots of Mousey #gray

Timid and soft spoken is his usual way,
Until love ignites his inner rage.
The surface calm that Mousey Gray had;
Belies the turmoil that makes him so mad.

One power punch is all he wrote;
To knockout his rivals, and elope.
Now Gussey is his, and shares his name,
but will Mousey continue on to fame?

In Pine Ridge Mousey has begun to prowl;
As the night watchman who likes poetry, and owls.
For him Lum and Abner are like no other.
To him they feel just like a mother.

PS: To listen to the events that introduced Llewelen Snavely Gray to the cast of characters with Lum and Abner in Pine Ridge, have a look at these shows from December 1941.

Poetic Notes: Fibber Needs Glasses.

In the perky little scene on Wistful Vista,
Fibber pulls pranks as people pop in.
It’s obvious that our fabulous Fibber needs an optician,
and the Old Timer and phone operator return pranks upon him.

Going to see Gildersleeves, the great doctor with vision,
Fibber’s favorite tiny tot, Teeny, is a frustration.
The doc does him good, and Fibber departs,
going home he eyes upscale, Abigail Uppington, looking so smart.
His glasses are groovy, but what does Molly think?
The jokes wrap up with a visit from Nick the Greek.

PS: Poetic license has been taken with this fun use of #Alliteration. For a download to enjoy the show, or read my original notes, click the following links.


Fibber McGee and Molly – Fibber Needs Glasses.

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Red Skelton- #avid Spring Cleaning. 490429

It’s Spring cleaning time for a comic named Red,
Even for Clem and Daisy June as a maid.
While burning letters in the ash can,
Some were sent by an avid fan.
The curiosities just won’t go to bed.

Rod O’Conner and Red go for a ride,
To meet with Fritzie the fan on the side.
They meet Junior the mean little kid,
“If I dooddit I’ll get a whipping,” he said.
ut wil Fritzie get Red in trouble with his bride?

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Red Skelton- #avid Spring Cleaning. 490429