Poetic Notes: Fibber Needs Glasses.

In the perky little scene on Wistful Vista,
Fibber pulls pranks as people pop in.
It’s obvious that our fabulous Fibber needs an optician,
and the Old Timer and phone operator return pranks upon him.

Going to see Gildersleeves, the great doctor with vision,
Fibber’s favorite tiny tot, Teeny, is a frustration.
The doc does him good, and Fibber departs,
going home he eyes upscale, Abigail Uppington, looking so smart.
His glasses are groovy, but what does Molly think?
The jokes wrap up with a visit from Nick the Greek.

PS: Poetic license has been taken with this fun use of #Alliteration. For a download to enjoy the show, or read my original notes, click the following links.


Fibber McGee and Molly – Fibber Needs Glasses.

[tags, #introtopoetry, #Alliteration, Zip, Pep]


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