Town Held Hostage Gets a Super Rescue

Revisit the year 1940. A time when heroes were super, and villains were just men, and the only one in spandex was the good guy. Be sure to click the links to either download and listen, or to read my original show summaries. Here’s a n even shorter summary of the summarized story of a mystery of the #panicked town of Direville.

Superman – Wolfe VS Yellow Mask. 400322.


Sometimes titled, “The Mystery of Dyerville Part 1”

As one mystery is solved, another begins. Still in pursuit of the evasive evil mastermind, the Yellow Mask, Unknown to Clark Kent and Lois Lane, their evil counterparts, and henchman of the Yellow Mask begin their next mission of terror, but not without some distrust in the ranks. .

Racing through the night, a mysterious, disappearing black car is the first encounter that Lois and Clark have to signal more with danger to come.

Personal conflicts between the famous reporters melt away when our heroes have to deal with a police barricade, and a bomb that blows up the bridge out from under their car. This looks like a job for SUPERMAN!

Superman – Superman Saves Jefferson Bridge. 400325.


Sometimes titled: “The Mystery of Dyerville Part 2”

What? a flying man in a red and blue suit? That’s crazy talk! There is no such man. He doesn’t exist. At least that’s the common logic, not only in the first half of the 20th century, but for the first half of the 21st century. It’s reality.

Local police tell about the town threatened by terrorists, and more threats and strange events emerge that require super intervention.

A ransom demand, and time limit of 36 hours are announced by a #panicked citizen. Is it possible to wipe the entire town of Direville off the face of the map?

Superman – Yellow Mask Will Blow Up Harley Dam. 400327.


Sometimes titled: “The Mystery of Dyerville Part 3”

The people of Direville are right to be #panicked. If the dam should be blown up, flood waters would cover the town within minutes. It doesn’t take a word from the Yellow Mask to figure it out, and Lois Lane is joined by Clark Kent to go investigate.

The Yellow Mask is a step ahead, and already has a trap for the rival reporters who have thwarted him in the past.

Left alone, in a cabin in the woods, Clark easily escapes his bonds, and as Superman he flies the unconscious Lois Lane to the dam, where city officials soon arrive to investigate the possibility of sabotage.

Superman – Dam Waters Diverted From


I love this title, but it’s sometimes Also titled: “The Mystery of Dyerville Part 4”

The reality of the Yellow Mask’s threats prove out as Harley Dam is trembling and rumbling. The Dyerville City officials, Lois Lane and Clark Kent get a more urgent demand from their evil nemesis. Will he be crazy enough to blow the dam earlier than he promised?

Direville officials won’t cave in, and evacuation plans are put into affect. Lois helps direct the #panicked people flee, but where is Clark? Superman springs into action, but the dam has been blown early… water is rushing… people are fleeing… Can Superman stop the racing wall of water?

Check out this short, thrilling, serial from the early days of Superman. It only takes about an hour to hear the whole story.