Get to Know Your Podcaster – Driving or Riding

From the “Ask Keith Anything” Department.

Question: Do you prefer to be the passenger or the driver? Are you a back seat driver?

First, I’m not a backseat driver. I only navigate as well as my GPS system, so if you don’t like it, don’t ask me to tell you where you’re going. If you complain about the directions, or criticize the GPS, why did you bother me in the first place? I’ll still monitor it, but just so I can get an idea of where we are, and how lost you might be. But I won’t tell you, “I told you so.”

Being the passenger is fine for me. As much as I enjoyed driving, I don’t miss it that much. Trust me, you don’t want me to drive, unless its in a bumper car, or some other safe outlet where bumps, and crazy driving is the norm. However, if you really, really want me to drive… give me your keys, and I’ll drive you in your car. Your insurance is paid up… right?

Back to the question of being a back seat driver, here’s my typical outlook on the matter. I get in the car at home, and when it stops… I’m magically at my destination. How did I get there? I don’t know. What did we pass along the way? I don’t care. It must not be worth while if it wasn’t noteworthy enough for you to mention it.

One thing though. When I mention that it might be nice to visit that interesting place we hear advertised on the radio every day, don’t act so shocked when in response to your comment that we pass by there every single day, and I say that I never knew that. If you don’t say so, ever, how do you expect I should know it?

As for the topic of drivers and passengers in old radio days… Guess what? I did a search on the web site. You’re shocked… I can tell. 🙄 Now, there’s probably tons of things if you search for just one or the other. I cut it down by searching for both keywords.

Lum and Abner had some trouble with the topic as they dealt with etiquette, and the wartime problem of ration books. All the fun and propaganda of the day can be found in the episode: Etiquette Book. 430225

Philip Marlowe has run ins with the daughter of a wealthy client, and her dare devil boyfriend in The Feminine Touch. ep32, 490507

After that, the westerns rule the day with lots of stage coach adventures with the likes of Lone Ranger,
Tonto, Wild Bill Hickock and his sidekick Jingles, and all the Gand from
Dodge city when Matt Dillon tries to keep the stage coach rolling with the scent of gun smoke.

  • Lone Ranger – Night Stage To Dalton. ep807, 380330.
  • Lone Ranger – Butterfield Stage. 470117.
  • Wild Bill Hickock – The Vengeance Trail. ep32, 1951.
  • Wild Bill Hickock – The Shadow Hill Gang. ep10, 1951.
  • Gunsmoke – Trust. 550611.

Check them out, and feel free to keep on asking me anything. If its printable, I’ll do my best to answer you.

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