Racing Against Death, at the Speed of Lightning Jim

Remember the days when a hero was a hero? Especially in the realm of Westerns, where the good guys didn’t wear spandex suits with capes. They ore a big hat, carried a six shooter, and never missed with their bravado, and sense of justice.

One nearly forgotten hero was Lightning Jim, and his trusty sidekick, Whitey Larson. . None of the shows I have are dated, but come from sometime in the 1940’s. Kids were the target market, so there’s plenty of horse chases, gunplay, and fist fighting action as the hero steps in to befriend the helpless person in need.

In the case of: Lightning Jim – Races Against Death. Episode 5.

The story opens with a murder trial. The condemned rancher claims he’s innocent. His father in law, the sheriff, believes him, but can’t see how to rescue him. Then Lightning Jim rides into town. Through flashback sequences, Jim is told the real story.

Doing his own investigating, Jim turns up evidence and motive that the court didn’t have in the trial. To set things right, Jim and Whitey set out to solve the mystery, and find the real killer. Can they do it before young Gil faces the gallows?

Ride along on this Western adventure, full of chases, cattle rustlers, ambushes, gunplay, and bad guys. Race the clock with our hero to make sure justice is done.

Download: Race Against Death. Episode 5.

Lightning Jim and Whitey Larson publicity picture

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