Lum and Abner – Playing Checkers By Phone. 441120

Download, and listen now.

Abner is not only quarantined, he has come down with his own case of measles, and is stranded at the Johnson place. Today, Lum still has the trouble of the visiting school official. He explains the developments to grandpap when he pops in at the Jot Em Down store. Abner is feeling well enough to want someone to come out to play checkers with him.

Phinus arrives to lend a hand in the store. Lum runs out to deal with his school woes. Grandpap and Phinus worry over Abner’s health, and Phinus tells about someone he knows who got married over the phone. The idea sparks a notion in grandpap to play Checkers with Abner over the phone.

The board is all set, and grandpap makes the call. With a board set up on Abner’s end the game begins. Phinus keeps distracting grandpap to tell about other folks he knows. Will the party line pick up any spectators to the action? The moves get closely monitored. What happens if someone needs to order groceries? Complications pile up that grandpap didn’t count on.

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