Breaking the Slavery Ring of Technology. Meddling with Robots

Or: Space Patrol – Frightened Robot. ep163, 541113

At a world ruled by robots, Cadet Happy and Commander Correy aren’t present to meddle in affairs they don’t have any control over. The robots have their own government, and officials.

Why are our heros here then? Suspicion of enslaving humans is rumored. Is it possible to get close to the robot ambassador to get answers, or will Commander Correy find a crack in the walls to sneak through the administration building? Voltar is their inside man who gives Commander Correy what he needs to find his way inside, while Cadet Happy returns to man the patrol ship.

Humans are the lower class workers in the world of robots. When Correy is discovered, he has a difficult time convincing his fellow humans that he’s there for good. With the help of an anti-gravity belt, and a nudge from Cadet Happy, they are on their way to free the 500 people from laboring in the mines.

Danger awaits as the robots are confronted, and a lesson is to be learned. When done correctly, robots can serve men, not making men their slaves. Hey, if people are enslaved by their technology, it’s a voluntary slavery. Now stand away from your computer keyboard. Put down that iPhone, and go do something outside!

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