Showing Support

The purpose of this article:

  • Changes have been made in how to do a one time donation.
  • I changed my Patreon tiers and goals to be in line with the one time donations.
  • All these changes to consider moving my files to a faster podcast hosting service.

Someone recently asked me how to contribute to support the podcast. My “Piggy Bank” icon sometimes shows up (usually after someone asks about it) then it disappears (usually after months of nobody clicking it, even after asking about it). It takes up space on the web page, and I don’t like to always appear to have a hand out to ask for funds.

I came up with some ways too show support for the podcast, meaning monetary support that are more unified in what you get in return.

Showing support for free is easy. You can hit the “Like” button, share something to Twitter or Facebook,, or leave comments and emails. Thanks for making me smile, and giving me a big head.

If you visit my Facebook page, the “Sign Up” button will take you to my Patreon page to become a monthly supporter.

Here’s a direct link for you:

What? You still can’t find it, or want other options that won’t zap your bank account every month?

I often talk about my “Piggy Bank” button. I just updated it, and gave it its own page on my main web site.

For all the details, visit: Https://

I made 3 different donation levels. The page explains what you get at each level of a one time donation.

After the last button, I link to my Patreon page, with a short description of the recurring support, and benefits to you.

Either way you choose, there’s possibilities of:

  • Shoutouts.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Helping in programming an episode.

Please consider the ongoing support through Patreon. One benefit it has is in helping in tracking goals, and budgeting expenses to pay the bills for the “free” podcast.

If there’s something extra I can build in for a bonus, let me know. Through Patreon, there are extra possibilities for including you in exclusive community, or special download content.

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