Hey, you’ve found my blog page, where I hope to talk about old time radio shows, characters, and things. It’s going to act in partnership with my podcast. The podcast is meant strictly as a way to post media files, anmely audio of old time radio shows.


Sometimes though, I just want to go into length on a topic, and don’t want to just make a post that would otherwise get picked up in the RSS feed for the shows.


Being a blog, I welcome your comments. Please be aware that I reserve the right to not post any comment, and if you blatantly spam my blog with useless advertisement, you won’t be posted, and might even have your account shut down on the site. \

Also, please don’t use language that  would be offensive to a general audience. As a rule of thumb, if you don’t hear it being said in old time radio episodes, don’t use it here.


Enjoy the site, and I hope I can make it compliment well with the podcast.



2 thoughts on “About”

    1. Good stuff. I do have a couple shows in the podcast feed that are new, audio drama. One contributor is Decoder Ring Theatre, posted with permission by the creator, Greg Tailor. Also a production from the 1990’s where a BBC production recreated a now non-existent Marx Brothers show from the 1930’s. I’ll see about adding in Danger Theater as well. UI’ll for sure add them to my podcatcher.

      Thanks for the tip on the awesome audio drama/spoof/comedy.

      Keith H

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