Featuring: Our Miss Brooks – Weekend At Crystal Lake. ep7, 480919

Rewritten show notes, thanks to #everydayinspiration

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There’s something peaceful about a lake. On the surface, clean, shimmering water, with wind kicking up little ripples on the surface. Ducks swimming, or waddling near the shoreline. A row boat quietly heading to a shady fishing hole. Couples holding hands as they walk the path to stroll the circumference.

How could such an idyllic seen, on a late Summer day, hold anything but rest and relaxation.

As we examine one of the couples more closely, we find they are a pair of high school teachers, invited by the principle and his wife to their lakeside cottage for the weekend. The situation has overtones of tragedy and jealousy, like a torrid romance novel. Will the wonderful weekend to the wild woods end in worry?

The optimism of Connie Brooks is challenged at every turn. The power of suggestion plants seeds of stress in the mind. It would certainly be an American tragedy, if all the plot points in that age old novel were set into play. The dreams of private seclusion with her love interest, Philip Boynton are shattered. But wait! Will he have passionate interests in Connie for once? Has love finally won the day in their hearts?

Someone needs to tell those around them that the silly comparison to the tragic love tale is only in the mind. The stodgy principle, Mr Conklin, takes a heroic step. His efforts are noble indeed. However, the misguided helper soon reverses the tender moment, snatching cupids aero from its target, and sending our lovers into an order of life or death, of being lost at sea… or at lost in the lake.

Salvation comes with Mrs Conklin, and the rays of truth shining through the clouds of mental anguish.


Burns and Allen – Gracie Appears In Traffic Court. . 430601

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George and Gracie are fun in so many ways;
Let’s list them, as we review this comedy play.

George and Gracie discuss

  • hunger,
  • food,
    • as fuel,
    • as coal,
  • bodies,
    • as stoves,
    • as a furnace,
  • and appetites untold,

George and Gracie link it all to war time effort to support soldiers.
The Happy Postman pops in with the mail, and shares the secret of his health.

  • glorious,
  • leaping corpuscles,
  • virile,
  • strong,
  • healthy,
  • as an animal throng,
  • gay,
  • free wheeling,
  • industrious, such a
  • bright eyed song,

No wonder he always says, “Keep smiling.”
The mail has a request for George to appear in traffic court, but after closer examination, it’s actually a ticket for Gracie. She just happened to sign George’s name to it. No matter what the problem, Bill Goodwin is always ready to claim the sponsor product will cure it.
Where did Gracie file that ticket?

  • T for ticket? No, that’s too easy to abide.
  • P, for purse? pocketbook? Part cowhide
  • B for blue? A marriage license? Such a bargain!
  • W for Tuesday? Did it happen again?

How will Herman the duck feel about the possibility that George might go to jail? Gracie won’t let George go to the big house, and heads out to get the best lawyer she can find.
She interviews Lawyer, Mel Blanc, as Mr Beck, to see if he’s qualified.
Is he a

  • criminal lawyer,
  • corporate lawyer,
  • or a plain shyster?
  • I’m not doing so well in list rhyming verse.


  • Yale,
  • Princeton,
  • and Harvard.

Is the crime:

  • Murder,
  • blackmail,
  • something worse?

Will the case be important enough for Mr Beck?Several interviews later, Gracie is scraping the bottom of the barrel. She’s reduced to hiring a Shakespearean actor to play the part of a lawyer.
In the court room, Bill Goodwin does his part… if pitching the sponsor to the judge is doing his part… to help George. Will George be able to appeal to the judge to consider his marital woes as an valid defense? He nearly has it in the bag, when Gracie shows up to… um.. bail him out of trouble? Comedy explodes, but what about the ticket? Which way will the judge decide?
Note: Additional voices are Hans Conreid, and Joseph Kearns.

Poets, Prophets, And Madmen

Some say only thin lines separate poetry, prophecy, and madness –Miriam Webster Word of the Day, vatic

Though the folks at Miriam Webster admit they don’t know whether that quote is entirely true, they seem to be the primary source of this quote. Regardless, it got my curiosity going.

What kind of evidence is there in the world of classic radio dramas relating to prophets?

I won’t say my notes are accurate, and they only cover shows I currently have posted on Retro Radio Podcast as of today. Here’s a sampling of those madmen.

To start with, I found these that have nothing at all to do with prophets in the show. However the writers seem to have an uncanny knack at peering into the real life future of Dennis Day.

Dennis Day – Dennis Donates For A New Gym. ep83, 480630

As stated, the show itself has absolutely nothing to do with prophets. However, I suppose the zaniness of Dennis Day would qualify for the mad man part, and the lyrics of his songs would be poems.

Here’s how I recorded it in my original show notes:

Trivia Alert: In filling out a questionnaire for his school, Dennis is about to say he is married with 10 kids. Though he was married in the late 1940’s, he was prophetic in his statement. He eventually did have 10 kids.

The next Dennis Day prophecy comes a few years later with this gem.

Jack Benny – Show Not Being Broadcast. 540926

There isn’t anything out of the typical lunacy in the show. Mary doesn’t make an appearance to share a poem, Dennis has his moment of prophecywhen he claims he’s leaving the show, due to being married with nine kids. Though he admits that he’s neither, (he

Inner Sanctum – Murder By Prophecy. 480927

A man in financial trouble, a library complete with and old librarian, and the eerie feeling that he’s having his spirit led to something big. It is big, a possible treasure. But there’s also a catch to the prophecy. How far will he go to claim the legacy? If its all prophesied, it’s a done deal… right? Be prepared to be spooked as problems go from bad to worse.

The Shadow – The Bride Of Death. 380306.

Real prophets need not apply. As Lamonte Cranston, the Shadow investigates a cult. Still, Margot Lane has vanished, and the pseudo psychic gives the Shadow a run for his money in matching him in the power to cloud men’s minds. Human sacrifices, panthers, and lots of creepy stuff stand in the way to expose the false prophet.

Casey, Crime Photographer – The Suicide. 500504

Detectives of all types battle bogus claims of false prophets, and the like. Charlatans who are out to scam the gullible out of their money.

This time though, Casey is confronted with what appears to be the anguished soul of a playwright who predicted his own death. The logical minded Casey isn’t having any of it, and chases the case from eerie prophecy, to planned suicide, to murder.

Is there a connection between Poets, Prophets, and Madmen? I’ll admit I don’t see much of it between Poets and Prophets, but there’s a little bit of mad man in both. Especially in the release of the inner demons of the poet, and the motives of the false prophet.

Behind the Podcast,By the Numbers 

  1. Listen to classic radio shows
    1. Those on this month’s line up.
    2. Those not on the list… just for fun.
  2. Write notes.
    1. What’s the beginning, middle, and end of the episode.
    2. What significant words or phrases were used in the episode.
    3. What did people do, not verbatim what they said.
    4. What was I thinking as the topic in the show was presented.
  3. Consider new shows to add to a line up for next month, or beyond.
    1. Shows to continue.
    2. New shows I haven’t heard before.
    3. Shows I’ve heard, but haven’t had time to include.
    4. Shows listeners recommend.
    5. Shows other podcasters do.
  4. What shows should be dropped?
    1. What shows am I running out of.
    2. What shows get the least downloads.
    3. What shows am I getting bored with.
    4. Eenie, meenie minie, mo, I need to make a place for a new show… NO! Not that one.
    5. Eenie, meenie minie, mo, I need to make a place for a new show… OK, that one will work.
  5. Grab a show to feature.
    1. A show from a genre that listeners like.
    2. A show I stumbled on in an archive of stuff that never got posted yet.
    3. Something with some history to comment about.
  6. Record.
    1. Don’t talk too much, stupid.
    2. Keep to the point.
    3. Stop saying ‘um’ all the time.
  7. Edit.
    1. Find gaps for the Retrobots to fill in, and save the day.
    2. Find a music selection from the same time, or with a theme that fits
    3. Maybe a comedy short, snipped from somewhere else.
    4. Make the opening different, with new sound bites.
    5. Grab the next musical intro in the folder to lay under the opening.
    6. Tack on a new closing.
  8. Upload.
  9. Post show notes. Tags, and category.
  10. Link the media file.
  11. Set the date.
  12. Publish.
  13. Let the world admire… or scoff at… your handiwork.

Taking On More Writing Challenge

Watch out! There will be more installments into the world of writing that will be seen here. Probably not daily, but with more frequency at the least.

I like it when I write stuff that is more than notes to shows.
I find I have two big problems. The first isn’t inspiration, but focus on a topic. The next is making time. Actually priortizing a time slot to claim as writing time. I can make time better, when I focus on a mission, that topic to write on, whether it be a stand alone scene, something to bridge a gap in a story, a poetic thought, or in outlining where a new story should go.
The mission of this blog is to share things related to classic radio dramas and shows, and I want to maintain that theme.

I’m planning on more writing challenges, because they offer direction even if I don’t always manage to keep up on daily prompts. Where I can, I’ll drop an article here. For more flavors of me… I’ll be more broadspread at my personal blog. Watch the events over at http://heltsley.net to see how things are going.
just be careful, hyou never know what you might get over there.

Sonnet: Challenge of the Future

Days in the future can be hopeful, bright;
The pendulum swings, to sorrow, and dark;
Has joy gone? Fleeing away from all sight.
They say there’s no hope. Life is doubtful, stark,

The world has plenty, just have ambition;
Don’t let your future, and dreams be dashed.
Work hard, keep learning, take risks, stop wishing;
Watch for your chance, don’t burn and Crash.;

War sometimes comes, turning things to ash
Can water be walked on, only in hope.
Life too impossible, thunder clouds crash
Making great fear hold you down on the ropes

Risk is hard when storms never cease to smash;
Time has come, have faith, step out of the boat.

PS: Thanks for being patient with my excursion into waxing poetic. I barely claim to be able to write, and my skills at poetry are even worse. I need to give my brain a rest, but watch for more challenges into stretching my literary skills here on the blog. Probably largely anchored in old radio shows, but as today, I chose to make it all about the form. Hey, sonnets are hard for my poor little old brain.

Apostrophe: Blanket Confession

White snow, you blanket the prairie scene, clean and pure, serene.

You white wash all over night mess, crimes that dieing lips confess.

It’s as if you’ve washed a bad man bright,

and cleansed to make his dark deeds bright.

Roaming cow hand, Britt Ponset was the last to hear,

and rode to tell the posse riding near.

The good law men, they didn’t care. They’ve already strung another in the air.

True, their victim may have had unpunished crimes,

but for this robbery,justice wasn’t served. Not this time.

Will Britt report the confession he knows?

Guilty good men, and truth in you, snow?

Come back snow, and blanket this strife.

Make clean the conscience of good men all their life.

–Based on: Six Shooter – Trail To Sunset. 540131.

Anaphora: Secret Admirer Misunderstanding

Secret admirers are the theme,
from teachers, right down to the teens.
Walter pines away, no appetite for food,
all he can eat is eggs, bacon, pancakes, and juice.

Secret admirers send poems declaring love, you bet.
Mr Boynton has advice, and adds a little edit.
Mix ups have begun, as they often do
Will the right girl read it? Or maybe a dude?

Secret admirer, Harriot thinks she knows who
A rival for her teacher, Connie Brooks? That won’t do.
Notes pass from Connie to students, and principal too.
Is it a supply requisition, who’s in love with who?

Secret admirer, his identity nearly learned,
awkward moments with the principal ends in slow burn.
The truth finally is untangled,
the path of love notes has been mangled.

Secret admirer, the girl he may not have won in the end,
but instead he preserved a friend.
Maybe he should stay open in his dialog,
or be like Boynton, and interested only in a frog.

Based on: Our Miss Brooks – Poetry Mix Up. 490320.

Found: Retro Finds Poetry

Listen to the audio presentation: Retro Original 527 Found: Retro Finds Poetry

A transcript of some soundbites of my life. And this short audio presentation. Enjoy.

Hello. Hello. Hhello little folk. Do you know who I am?
Oh, well, come on in. You don’t need to stand where all the neighbors can see you.
Who are you? What are you doing in my room?
He seems like a sturdy young man, a little timid, but wel set up physically.

You’re the most fascinating men I ever met, and I want you to marry me.
You’re just saying that to make me feel good.
I’m so proud of you! Wwell public service has its compensations I see.
You’re funny looking, but you’re cute.
O you say that every night, and I keep waiting, and waiting.
If you don’t mind me saying so, it’s a bit sickening.

You say that you know him? I’ve heard about him. You have? Where? All over.
Listen, there’s been crazy people hanging ’round the studio all day.
You’re not serious. ‘Course I am. Well, let’x not waste time discussing it.
You’re just about the most worthless critter I ever set eyes on.
Why that snake in the weeds.
Well I wouldn’t say that.

Why did you pick me? Who elxse is there?
You don’t have to explain to me. I don’t care about your sorted past.
Now this whole thing is ridiculous.
You better be careful.
You don’t have to spell in front of me. I’m old enough to understand things now.
You don’t say.
Oo, you’ve grown up to be a handsome curly headed rascal, haven’t you!
Wonderful! Just wonderful!

What does it all mean?
Do you have any ideas Henry? It’s hard to say.
Yes you funny man.
But I ain’t gonna do it.
Why doc. What does it all mean?

There Have Been Other Problems Too.
You have to submit an application and be voted on. Go through a process that takes weeks. There’s hard work to be done.
Whatever it is, it’s in that closet.
Well Here We Are. I’m Hungry. I’m Thirsty. WAAH!
You must admit that made sense.

You idiot!
Now, how can you say that?
I think it’s wonderful! I think it’s grand! I think I’ll kill myself.

Kenny I wanna tell you it was swell. It was perfectly thrilling.
Why Kenny, whatta you talking about. I said those very words to you every Sunday this year.
Well I’m getting sick of it.

Enjambment: Do You See What I See

The windows to the soul have fallen to disrepair.
The screens have gone dark, but the movie still runs.
This shouldn’t be happening. There should be despair,
streams of life won’t stop. I’m not an island of one.

Adjustments fought for, and lessons learned, where soundscapes
paint pictures, and imagination drives art.
My world is dark? you may ask, but wait
instead, a new world in my life has a start.

Out of sight, out of mind is the adage they say.
All the fat, ugly people have all gone away.
Your hous doesn’t look messy, and not even sooty ,
and may I say, you look slim, and a beauty.

I hear what I hear, and imagination takes charge
the world in my mind becomes colorful and bright.
Everything so enhanced, vivid and large.
A land where sun never sets on a day, and never night.

I wish, if I could, get my windows fixed,
but sometimes it’s a liberty. Here’s what I mean.
People who see have their vision tricked,
or they miss the wide world, eyes fixed on a screen.

If they can’t see it, they can’t believe it,
with imagination dictated by another.
Listen, imagine, in your own theater sit,
and make the scene fit your taste. Be lavish brother!

Break free from the screens in life that entertain.
Don’t fret, there’s a time to anchor your head,
but rest your eyes, and tap into your brain.
Exersize your mind, let it run unleashed.

I may not see the world as you did,
those things on the other side of my windows,
but the pictures I see inside my head
are ones that nobody else knows