Gene Autry’s #yarn of Hope

Music carries messages both liberating and free;
Wishes as big as the sky, of love, hope and dreams.

Friends enjoy their company, marked with signs from the heavens.
A gentle light, glimmering soft as a glow worm among friends.

A yarn is spun, like a thread of grace;
A robber is caught, with a boyish face.

Unseen potential, like a diamond in coal;
Matters of trust battle uphill as they go.

A moment of weakness, a temptation, a test;
Faith’s bubble is burst, but good wins out at last.

A hidden pearl, hope has been found.
A trail of victory closes this round.

PS: To download the full show for fun with Gene Autry, Pat Butram, and the gang, or read my original show notes, use one of the following links:


Gene Autry – Mike Carter – First Song – Out on The Texas Plain.


no #blanket for the Student Body

Boldly going to distant planets
Are a group of young Jacks and Janet’s. ,

Life and mission on the remote world where they will serve Means going low impact. They’re only to observe.

Aliens are detected, but seem harmless and small.
Self survival is the main problem. That’s all.

Needing a break, students fall on their backs
I’ts time to picnic, nap, and relax.

Kindred in confusion, but nobody knows
When they awake, What has happened to their clothes?

Evolving, life forms grow in size and in threat.
Just how fast, and big will these critters get?

Threat to survival could affect the universe.
This can’t get better, only get worse.

PS: Enjoy this audio production with the following links to either download it, or read my original show notes:

X Minus One – Student Body. 560731

Keith Heltsley

The #roots of Mousey #gray

Timid and soft spoken is his usual way,
Until love ignites his inner rage.
The surface calm that Mousey Gray had;
Belies the turmoil that makes him so mad.

One power punch is all he wrote;
To knockout his rivals, and elope.
Now Gussey is his, and shares his name,
but will Mousey continue on to fame?

In Pine Ridge Mousey has begun to prowl;
As the night watchman who likes poetry, and owls.
For him Lum and Abner are like no other.
To him they feel just like a mother.

PS: To listen to the events that introduced Llewelen Snavely Gray to the cast of characters with Lum and Abner in Pine Ridge, have a look at these shows from December 1941.

Red Skelton- #avid Spring Cleaning. 490429

It’s Spring cleaning time for a comic named Red,
Even for Clem and Daisy June as a maid.
While burning letters in the ash can,
Some were sent by an avid fan.
The curiosities just won’t go to bed.

Rod O’Conner and Red go for a ride,
To meet with Fritzie the fan on the side.
They meet Junior the mean little kid,
“If I dooddit I’ll get a whipping,” he said.
ut wil Fritzie get Red in trouble with his bride?

<a href="

Red Skelton- #avid Spring Cleaning. 490429

Sonnet: Challenge of the Future

Days in the future can be hopeful, bright;
The pendulum swings, to sorrow, and dark;
Has joy gone? Fleeing away from all sight.
They say there’s no hope. Life is doubtful, stark,

The world has plenty, just have ambition;
Don’t let your future, and dreams be dashed.
Work hard, keep learning, take risks, stop wishing;
Watch for your chance, don’t burn and Crash.;

War sometimes comes, turning things to ash
Can water be walked on, only in hope.
Life too impossible, thunder clouds crash
Making great fear hold you down on the ropes

Risk is hard when storms never cease to smash;
Time has come, have faith, step out of the boat.

PS: Thanks for being patient with my excursion into waxing poetic. I barely claim to be able to write, and my skills at poetry are even worse. I need to give my brain a rest, but watch for more challenges into stretching my literary skills here on the blog. Probably largely anchored in old radio shows, but as today, I chose to make it all about the form. Hey, sonnets are hard for my poor little old brain.

Apostrophe: Blanket Confession

White snow, you blanket the prairie scene, clean and pure, serene.

You white wash all over night mess, crimes that dieing lips confess.

It’s as if you’ve washed a bad man bright,

and cleansed to make his dark deeds bright.

Roaming cow hand, Britt Ponset was the last to hear,

and rode to tell the posse riding near.

The good law men, they didn’t care. They’ve already strung another in the air.

True, their victim may have had unpunished crimes,

but for this robbery,justice wasn’t served. Not this time.

Will Britt report the confession he knows?

Guilty good men, and truth in you, snow?

Come back snow, and blanket this strife.

Make clean the conscience of good men all their life.

–Based on: Six Shooter – Trail To Sunset. 540131.

Anaphora: Secret Admirer Misunderstanding

Secret admirers are the theme,
from teachers, right down to the teens.
Walter pines away, no appetite for food,
all he can eat is eggs, bacon, pancakes, and juice.

Secret admirers send poems declaring love, you bet.
Mr Boynton has advice, and adds a little edit.
Mix ups have begun, as they often do
Will the right girl read it? Or maybe a dude?

Secret admirer, Harriot thinks she knows who
A rival for her teacher, Connie Brooks? That won’t do.
Notes pass from Connie to students, and principal too.
Is it a supply requisition, who’s in love with who?

Secret admirer, his identity nearly learned,
awkward moments with the principal ends in slow burn.
The truth finally is untangled,
the path of love notes has been mangled.

Secret admirer, the girl he may not have won in the end,
but instead he preserved a friend.
Maybe he should stay open in his dialog,
or be like Boynton, and interested only in a frog.

Based on: Our Miss Brooks – Poetry Mix Up. 490320.

Found: Retro Finds Poetry

Listen to the audio presentation: Retro Original 527 Found: Retro Finds Poetry

A transcript of some soundbites of my life. And this short audio presentation. Enjoy.

Hello. Hello. Hhello little folk. Do you know who I am?
Oh, well, come on in. You don’t need to stand where all the neighbors can see you.
Who are you? What are you doing in my room?
He seems like a sturdy young man, a little timid, but wel set up physically.

You’re the most fascinating men I ever met, and I want you to marry me.
You’re just saying that to make me feel good.
I’m so proud of you! Wwell public service has its compensations I see.
You’re funny looking, but you’re cute.
O you say that every night, and I keep waiting, and waiting.
If you don’t mind me saying so, it’s a bit sickening.

You say that you know him? I’ve heard about him. You have? Where? All over.
Listen, there’s been crazy people hanging ’round the studio all day.
You’re not serious. ‘Course I am. Well, let’x not waste time discussing it.
You’re just about the most worthless critter I ever set eyes on.
Why that snake in the weeds.
Well I wouldn’t say that.

Why did you pick me? Who elxse is there?
You don’t have to explain to me. I don’t care about your sorted past.
Now this whole thing is ridiculous.
You better be careful.
You don’t have to spell in front of me. I’m old enough to understand things now.
You don’t say.
Oo, you’ve grown up to be a handsome curly headed rascal, haven’t you!
Wonderful! Just wonderful!

What does it all mean?
Do you have any ideas Henry? It’s hard to say.
Yes you funny man.
But I ain’t gonna do it.
Why doc. What does it all mean?

There Have Been Other Problems Too.
You have to submit an application and be voted on. Go through a process that takes weeks. There’s hard work to be done.
Whatever it is, it’s in that closet.
Well Here We Are. I’m Hungry. I’m Thirsty. WAAH!
You must admit that made sense.

You idiot!
Now, how can you say that?
I think it’s wonderful! I think it’s grand! I think I’ll kill myself.

Kenny I wanna tell you it was swell. It was perfectly thrilling.
Why Kenny, whatta you talking about. I said those very words to you every Sunday this year.
Well I’m getting sick of it.

Enjambment: Do You See What I See

The windows to the soul have fallen to disrepair.
The screens have gone dark, but the movie still runs.
This shouldn’t be happening. There should be despair,
streams of life won’t stop. I’m not an island of one.

Adjustments fought for, and lessons learned, where soundscapes
paint pictures, and imagination drives art.
My world is dark? you may ask, but wait
instead, a new world in my life has a start.

Out of sight, out of mind is the adage they say.
All the fat, ugly people have all gone away.
Your hous doesn’t look messy, and not even sooty ,
and may I say, you look slim, and a beauty.

I hear what I hear, and imagination takes charge
the world in my mind becomes colorful and bright.
Everything so enhanced, vivid and large.
A land where sun never sets on a day, and never night.

I wish, if I could, get my windows fixed,
but sometimes it’s a liberty. Here’s what I mean.
People who see have their vision tricked,
or they miss the wide world, eyes fixed on a screen.

If they can’t see it, they can’t believe it,
with imagination dictated by another.
Listen, imagine, in your own theater sit,
and make the scene fit your taste. Be lavish brother!

Break free from the screens in life that entertain.
Don’t fret, there’s a time to anchor your head,
but rest your eyes, and tap into your brain.
Exersize your mind, let it run unleashed.

I may not see the world as you did,
those things on the other side of my windows,
but the pictures I see inside my head
are ones that nobody else knows