Simile: Sade’s Trip to Dwight.


Preparations so pressing with air so intense; Pencils like ready rifles. Make a list!
From dawn shattering the sky until the sun’s ray at noon; 

No time for friends or play, making noise like a loon.  
Thoughts are jumbled like big spider webs; 

Lay out clothes, coffee, and clock to wake up our heads. 
Here’s the order for the pantry, as empty as a tub; 

Make my appointment for Tuesday, for my ladies club. 
Jot this all down, son. You’re as sweet as a flower. 

Mom, this is an 80 mile trip. You’ll be home in three hours. 
Inspired by Vic and Sade. Read more, or listen to the audio here: Sades Trip To Dwight. 370604.