The Colorful Days of Blowing Cigar Smoke

Here I sit, thinking it’s high time to challenge myself to write again,. Not that  I don’t write something, in some way, nearly every day. Sometimes enough to overflow to a few days running.

Third Lt Stanley is a baboon. Vic.

Before I stretch my imagination, I took time to browse my folder of junk where I’ve written things that never quite got posted. The colorful world of Paul Rhimer, and the good folks halfway up the next block came to mind.

Well here, you never heard such junk. Sade.

I found a few quotes I jotted down that seemed familiar. They’re from an episode where the very young principal of the high school wants to appear more mature to his supervisors in the school board.

Ish Russel, a person’s trying’ to say something. Sade.

When the actors changed for a while during World War 2, the script got a slight re-write, and was performed again.

He scratches a match and blows out a couple bushels of smoke. Russel.

Here’s some absurd quotations from the good old days… you know… back when smoking was just one of those things, and not a social stigma, or even bad

for your health.

O ish. Sade.

On top of that, enjoy the colorful colloquialisms of small town midwestern 1940’s lingo. Having relatives from this era, and location, I can vouch to you, people really did talk like this, and use this kind of mannerisms in their speech.

Maybe I’ll establish a cigar smoking college. Charge everybody forty dollars a semester. Vic.

And now get ready to smile again with America’s home folks, Vic and Sade.

  • Whip out big black cigars, and smoke away like a steam engine. Russel.
  • I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised Dr Sleach. Vic.
  • O such silliness. Sade.
  • He whips out a stogie as long as a baseball bat. Russel.

Listen to even more absurdities:  
Vic and Sade – Mr Chinbunny Wants To Smoke Cigars, Russell. 440602.

Compare it to the happenings where you’ll hear such things as:

  • I’ll bet 99 dollars the telephone rings in the next 10 minutes, Rush.
  • Puffing in bushels of smoke, and blowing it out like a furnace. Rush.
  • His idea is to whip out big black cigars, and smoke away like a steam engine, Rush.
  • He better take it easy the first 19 or 20 cigars, otherwise he’ll run the risk of getting sick. Rush.
  • Just sitting here with our teeth in our mouth. Vic.
  • you and your big ox of a husband. Vic
  • This is really on the level huh? Vic.
  • He whips out a stogie as big as your leg. Rush.

Don’t believe it? Listen to the whole show here:
Vic and Sade – Mr Chinbunny Wants To Smoke Cigars (Rush). 400602