Sharing the Love for WordPress Bloggers

I’ve been podcasting for quite a while, with steady growth all along the way. People who enjoy old time radio shows may have found me as they search directories like iTunes, or Podomatic. Others may have found me by a simple search on the Internet for a favorite actor, or radio show. For all the steady downloads, feedback is much mor rare than you might think. Enter the world of WordPress bloggers. 

My site automatically posts to my Twitter feed, and Facebook account. Sometimes I get a ‘Like’ or an even more rare retweet, or share. I’ve made some friends like Jimbo, Sara, and others who enjoy shows ranging from Superman, to Vic and Sade, to Philip Marlowe. But… Enter the world of WordPress bloggers. 
I maintain two related sites. One strictly for the podcast, with show notes, and a media file to listen to. My other site is for blogging additional thoughts on classic, old radio shows. My stats for the podcast are busy, but despite that, the feedback is slow. Enter the world of WordPress bloggers. 
Dramatic changes have come to my small, little blog. The traffics there is quite, but thanks to the community of WordPress bloggers, and the challenges to writing, poetry, and blogging, I’ve met some very engaging people. My ‘Like’ button hasn’t been so lonely, as folks who span the globe take time to click it. Thanks to you. 

Whether you love classic radio, movies, or TV. Whether you’re a writer, or a student, or someone with something to say, thank you for taking the time to ‘Like’ my articles. 
Comments have a nice system to respond back to you. Likes are a nice, one way street to give me an encouraging thumbs up. They make me smile, and I wish there was a way to like the like back. 
Since I can’t, here’s a thank you note for all those likes, and for the ones to come. You know who you are. Thanks so much for the smiles, and encouragement. 


Thanks for Following, Time to Interact

First of all, thanks goes out to some new followers of the blog. I hope you’ll also take time to hit my Like button.

If you’re also on Twitter, Google+, or Facebook, look for me there too, and feel free to talk to me. I have to admit that I’m not always active on Facebook, and I don’t fully understand Google+, I try to respond to mentions I get there. I’m a little more active on Twitter, and you can chat with me there as @RetroKeith.

I have a chat server, and have plans for some live chat sessions and roundtables. I’ve been slow about starting it because at the moment, I seldom have a quiet time or place to record. And I’m looking seriously at the possibility of doing a live OTR podcast at some point So stay tuned.

I’ve also got a few ideas for articles to post here, and just need to iron out all my dumb, rambling thoughts.

Thanks again for the follows here, and those who have found me on Twitter and Facebook. Lurking is cool, but I like it when people drop me a line. Interact, engage, I really do love to hear from you.