The Disguised Turkey, and the Tough Duck

Or: Jack Benny – Duck Hunting. 391126

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Digging into our Retro Radio vault, We share this episode from the old fashioned Retrobots, to the new Retrobots, to you.

That man, who spared no expense in his Thanksgiving dinner, is introduced, but Mary teases Jack over his stingy holiday celebrations. Continued criticizing by Don and Phil darkens Jack’s mood. Despite complaints of the tough bird, reading his review from the social register, Jack declares, “A good time was had by all.” Glimpsing at party details, revelations expose phil’s dancing partner. Carmichael the polar bear

Even without his mother, Dennis Day chews on the topic of the tough turkey, then he sings, Faithful Forever.

Fed up with abuse from the cast, Jack’s temper flares as he gives orders, though he makes Mary laugh. Phil Harris plays, South of the Border.

Jack’s Temper is soothed when the cast admit to teasing, and praise the party instead. How did Jack prepare such delicious turkey?

The cast explain they’ve been joking the whole time, which calms Jack’s temper by saying they enjoyed his party. He admits the turkey was really duck. A revealed secret leads to a flashback, and a duck hunting adventure. Jack and Mary team up with Rochester and Andy Divine for early morning showing off.

Those poor little blue eyed duckies don’t stand a chance with Jack the mighty hunter… ordo they?

Bonus Tracks:

  • Keith talks briefly about the old contact information that the old Retrobots share. Also a word about Thanksgiving confusion in 1939.
  • Abbot and Costello. A Short moment as they Gett Ready For Frank Sinatra ()1945).
  • Artie Shaw 1939 Thanks For Everything – (Helen Forrest, vocal).mp3

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